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Past Events



Photo of Ebony, a young Black woman with an obvious visual impairment singing, while playing keyboard at the ADA Celebration in Detroit July 2, 2015

June 12 we had a concert of Charlie Martin, former drummer of Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band; Jazz on Wheels' Pat Cronley, Emmy award winner screenwriter; and Margie Mascow, a former VSAMI students. It was at Cinema Detroit, 4126 Third, Midtown Detroit.


March 14th, we screened Mark Utter's "I am in Here" and tasted three vintages of Ken Veenstra's new Cobblestone CidA cartoon rendering of Mark Utterer. Mark's film was produced with VSA Vermont's support by Emily Anderson and revolves around the typical day of Mark who is nonverbal and autistic. It was held at Cinema Detroit anVSMA at Cinema Detroitd we discussed it and VSAMI both before and after the film. Here you can read more about Mark and his career