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Artists-in-Residence Programs

VSA Michigan collaborates with school districts across the state to provide to integrate dance, drama, music, literary, media and visual arts with the core curricula in for students with disabilities. The program involves:

  • Planning meetings with VSA staff, teaching artists and school administration
  • An initial workshop for participating classroom teachers and para-professionals
  • Classroom observations by our teaching artists/arts therapists
  • A series of arts sessions for students with disabilities that classroom teachers and para-professionals also attend.
  • Debrief sessions between artists and teachers
  • Culminating events to give students opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned
  • Teaching artists to exhibit or perform their creative work

VSAMI is currently engaging 1049 students, 962 of whom have disabilities, in learning in and through the arts taught by 38 professional artists collaborating with 101 classroom teachers in 33 Michigan schools.

If you would like to host an artist-in-residence at your school contact VSA Michigan to discuss partnership opportunities.


VSA Michigan is seeking artists in all genre (dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, poets, storytellers, filmmakers, puppeteers, etc.) who are interested sharing their talents with students who have disabilities throughout Michigan.  Candidates will receive special training and certification prior to placement.

Positions available for the 2019-20 school year.

For more information contact VSA Michigan.