Artists in Residence

VSA Michigan collaborates with educators in elementary and secondary schools to integrate dance, drama, music, literary, media and visual arts with the language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula in inclusive general and special education classrooms. See 2016 schedule below. Residencies include:

  • planning meetings with teaching artists and school staff
  • in-service workshops for teachers and paraprofessionals
  • classroom observations by the artists
  • classroom workshops taught by the artists
  • evaluation sessions with teachers
  • culminating events to give students opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned
  • teaching artists to exhibit or perform their creative work
Baba Kevins and dancing If you would like to partner with VSA Michigan to bring artist residencies to your school, please contact us.


  1. Bloomfield Hills Schools PREP Program – Molly Murphy, visual artist, Ramona Lucius, drama/storytelling, Vic Spicer, filmmaking
  2. Bloomfield Hills Wing Lake Developmental Center – Molly Murphy, visual artist, Cindy Babcock, creative dance
  3. Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle ESD – East Elementary School in Cheboygan – Jo Cooley, creative dance, Kimberly Leidel-Ross, visual art; Onaway School – Kimberly Leidel-Ross, visual art, Gaylord High School and Middle School – Phil Wilson, pottery, Cheboygan High School and Middle School – Mary Jill Lemieur, visual art, Dawn Pemberton, assistant
  4. Eaton RESA, Meadowview School in Charlotte, Potterville Middle School and Eaton Rapids High School – Susan McGuire, visual artist, Ben Hessenger, musician/ukulele master, Missy Lilje, member of Happendance
  5. Gratiot-Isabella ESD – Alma High School and St. Louis High School – Jordan McCarthy, creative dance, Barbara Taylor, visual art, TS Nurnberger Middle School in St. Louis – Diane Clise, visual art, Jordan McCarthy, creative dance, Hillcrest Elementary School in Alma – Diane Clise, visual art, Jordan McCarthy, creative dance
  6. Keidan Special Education Center in Detroit – DDCdances members Barbara Selinger and Claire Call
  7. Midland ESA – Longview Early Childhood Center – Linda Z. Smith, creative dance, Cynthia Keefe, visual arts
  8. Oak Park Preparatory Academy – DDCdances members Barbara Selinger and Clair Call, Ramona Lucius, drama/storytelling
  9. Jerry L. White Center in Detroit – Baba Kevin Collins, percussion